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Fence / Pre Galvanized Tubes
Shri Laxmi Metal Udyog
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Pipe fencing is one of the most versatile types of fence. It is easy to install because it simply clamps to pipes driven into the ground. SLMU Specializes in the production of fencing tubes & pipes as per the requirement of the clients.
Product Applications
Our range of fencing tubes is available in a variety of dimensions and can also be customized as per the client's requirement. Fencing tubes have a wide application in

Fence / Pre Galvanized Tubes->> Various Types Of Galvanized Steel Fencings
->> Road Barriers
->> Barrier Gates
->> Parking Barriers
->> Temporary Fencings
->> Steel Gates & Windows
->> Green Houses
->> Road Side Railings
->> Various Types Of Structures & Steel Works.

Other than these applications the fencing tubes are also used for interior purposes, such as shiny balustrade or railing that supports the staircase, pool ladder etc.
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Hot Dipped Galvanized Tubes
Looking at the world wide requirements of lighter quality Vehicles, lighter in weight and better in quality, which gives better mileage. SLMU have introduced Pipes and Hollow Sections in Pre-Galvanized quality in size range from ½'' to 4'' in thickness .8 to 1.60 mm. These materials are replacing the Bus Body, Railway Boogies conventional pipes of heavy weight and also being used by telephone department as a Conduit Pipes. This quality has a long life span because of the better raw material and also Galvanized, which protects the pipe from getting corded.

Hot Dipped Galvanised TubesTubes play a vital part in today's world. It is impossible to imagine the world without tubes. Steel tubes have endless applications for our day-to-day life. Some of the applications of Black & Galvanized Tubes manufactured by us are as below.

Tube For Water Conveying Application
->> For Domestic Water
->> Industrial Agriculture And Bore-Well Water Utility
->> For Cooling Towers
->> For Underground Laying And in Cement Concrete Encasement
->> Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Water Lines

General Engineering And Structural Applications
Hot Dipped Galvanized Tubes->> Super Structure Supports & Railings
->> Scaffoldings
->> Factory Shed Trusses & Purlins
->> Equipment Frames & Plant Structures
->> Storage Shed Columns
->> Amusement Implementations
->> Agricultural Implementations

Automotive Applications
->> Chassis & Frames
->> Handlebars
->> Two Wheeler Stands

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