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Our Manufacturing Process is carried out in the state of the art mills having size range from 15 NB to 300 NB and also Square and Rectangular Hollow Sections from 15 x 15mm to 72 x 72 SQ mm and 25 x 50 to 96 x 48 up to maximum thickness offer 8 mm. We also have galvanized bath with G.I. capacity of 60000 MT per year.

Black ERW Pipes
Black ERW PipesOur plant employs HF frequency welding process for manufacturing pipes, using the finest virgin steel from renowned steel plants in India like JSW, ISPAT, ESSAR and SAIL. In HF process pipes are welded with Radio Frequency Induction Tube Welder of 200 KW, which Weld at high speed with superior finish. The process begins with Cold Stamping of Lakshmi Cauvery Seal of quality.

The tubes then progressively form as the strip passes through successive rolls and is followed by high frequency induction welding at the edges to complete the weld. Subsequently the welded tube under goes further processes to ensure superior finish and strong weld. Tubes that pass all quality parameters undergo end-facing operations to ensure smooth & clean edges. Final quality checks and finishing operations are performed before dispatch.

Galvanized ERW Pipes
Galvanized ERW PipesGalvanizing process starts by dipping the Black ERW Pipe in Hydro Chloric acid to get rid of debris and any foreign substance that might have gathered on the pipe. The pipes are then cleaned by water and dipped again in a mixture of ammonium chloride and Zinc Chloride (Flux) to improve the bind between steel and zinc coating.

The pipes are now dipped in high-grade molten zinc and special care is taken that the zinc tank is at an apt temperature to ensure superior finish and consistent zinc coating on pipes. Pipes are then introduced to pressurized steam to remove any excess zinc that might have deposited on the surface of the pipe. Pipes are then cleaned and sent for finishing / quality processes.

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